Let’s say you want to create a costume that is inspired by a character you love. Keep in mind that this character has no clothes or not human. Where do you start~???
The Basics: Shape, Color, Fabric. Is this character big or small? Rich or Poor? Maybe they are modest. These are all things to consider. Even every color and fabric chosen has a purpose. Basic thinking is that black could mean they are evil or a loner. What if they worn black leather and it was a skirt- would that change your mind about the characters personality?
*When you design a costume you need to keep thinking, ‘is what I have chosen a good fit? Would my character wear this?’
The problem a lot of cosplayers fall into is they make the character inspired costumes revealing. Not based on what the character would wear but because it is what they want to wear. Now this is not a bad thing because cosplay allows you to show your fandom any way you want. BUT if you want to stand out and be original then you need to consider the characters personality and taste too.

I know many of you have been inspired by my Totoro costume and you are now thinking about creating your own designs. I am very happy about this emerging trend in cosplay and I’m here if anyone needs advice. Just send me a PM.

<3 DB